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Meringue with confectionery glaze

Meringue with confectionery glaze


Air Cake.

Ingredients: white sugar, egg white, confectionery glaze, citric acid, vanillin.

Storage conditions: store at a temperature of 18 ± 3 º s and relative humidity not exceeding 75%, not more than 25 days.

ISO 22000.

Nutritional value 100 g of product: protein - 3.9 g; fat - 2.2 g; carbohydrates - 92.7 g (including sugars 84).

Energy value 100 g of product: 406 kcal.

Manufacturer: Ivano-Frankivsk Food Factory KSENIJA, 1 Kraykivskoho street., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76019, Ukraine.

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