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Blueberry marshmallow

Blueberry marshmallow


Marshmallows on pectin.

Ingredients : white sugar, apple puree, starch molasses, egg white, powdered sugar, citrus pectin, dried blueberries, lactic acid, sodium lactate (lactic acid, baking soda), vanilin.

Apply To Date : The batch number corresponds to the Apply To date.

Store at a temperature of (18 ± 3) º s and a relative humidity not exceeding 75% for not more than 1 month.

ISO 22000

Nutritional value 100 g of product: protein - 0.8 g; fats - 0.07; carbohydrates - 84.4 g (including sugars - 57).

Energy value 100 g of product - 341 kcal.

Manufacturer : Ivano-Frankivsk Food Factory KSENIJA Ltd., 1 Kraykivskoho street., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76019, Ukraine.

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