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Product range

Can't decide which sweets are best for you?

Oatmeal or lean cookies, classic or chocolate

Marshmallow or Gingerbread?


Look at the delicious product range of KSENIJA, which is extremely large!

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About us

Brand KSENIJA is the one of the leading manufacturers of the confectionery industry in the region

The delicious products of KSENIJA, which bring the childhood memories are made based on Ivano-Frankivsk food factory.

For 75 years we have been keeping up to a traditional recipe, using the eco friendly raw materials, without adding impurities and flavor enhancers. That’s why our cookies and other sweets are so delicious for all ukrainian families!

Ivano-Frankivsk Food Factory has been working since 1946.

75 years experience can be seen through it taste. 30-40 years experienced Technologists contribute to compliance with quality and production standards.

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We guarantee the quality of our products. Our sweets meet the state quality standards. KSENIJA has reacieved Ukrainian and international quality certificates of ISO 22000 and DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) compliance.


KSENIJA uses only eco friendly raw materials, without adding different impurities and flavor enhancers. We do not use any improvers, artificial dyes, leavening agents and do not plan to do so in the future.

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KSENIJA Ivano-Frankivsk Food Factory has remained one of the few companies on the market that retains the classic recipe for cookies. The traditional technological processes and the same, but apdeted production lines that were used 30 years ago, create a unique taste of KSENIJA - the taste of childhood.

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Чому ми?

Where to buy?

KSENIJA has its own network of 19 branded stores in Ivano-Frankivsk. If you are in Ivano-Frankivsk, then we invite you to visit our stores. KSENIJA delicious cookie is already waiting for you!

Also, you can buy KSENIJA products online on the our website. Just look at our product range, choose sweets, pay in a way convenient for you and wait until our cookies knock on your door;)

"We work to make sure you have a good time with family and friends. We want to unite them with the traditions of the taste of our products. To make your life sweeter and your family table more hospitable"

- With love, your "KSENIJA" -

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