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KSENIJA kvass recipe is no secret, our homemade kvass is brewed only from natural ingredients: rye flour, barley and rye malt, sugar syrup, water and yeast. The technology complies with DSTU 4069: 2016 "Soft drinks".


KSENIJA has not changed the recipe for decades, so it is as delicious as a child!

Live kvass of our production, which preserves B vitamins, beneficial microorganisms and enzymes can be purchased in branded stores KSENIJA.

To order online, leave your contact details here so that our manager can contact you. The price depends on the volume of the order and is agreed individually with the manager.

We are proud to treat the residents and guests of Ivano-Frankivsk with a natural product. Our kvass not only preserves vitamins and useful enzymes. And it quenches thirst well!

street Dnistrovskaya 26, Oasis

tel. +380668013229 ;

street Railway, transition to the railway station

tel. +380668013229 ;

street Independence, 74, Hope

tel. +380668013229 ;

street Sichovykh Striltsiv, 13, Post Office

tel. +380502879142 ;

Mickiewicz Square

tel. +380668013229 ;

street Halytska, stop

tel. +380668013229 ;

street Ticini, 8

tel. +380668013229 .

street Hospital, 8, Regional State Administration.

tel. +380668013229 ;

street Dniester, 3a, Bazaar

tel. +380668013229

street Independence, 195

tel. +380502879142 ;

street Lubomir Husar, Brewery

tel. +380668013229 ;

Ksenia TM has 10 branded outlets where you can buy Kvass for bottling in Ivano-Frankivsk. Kvass can also be bought in every Ksenia branded store .

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