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About us

Ivano-Frankivsk food factory brand KSENIJA is the one of the leading manufacturers of the confectionery industry in the region

​The delicious products of KSENIJA, which bring the childhood memories are made based on Ivano-Frankivsk food factory. ​For 75 years we have been keeping up to a traditional recipe, using the eco friendly raw materials, without adding impurities and flavor enhancers. That’s why our cookies and other sweets are so delicious for all ukrainian families!


An important indicator of our natural product is the short term storage. Oatmeal cookies, natural marshmallows, cupcakes, nuts with condensed milk, gingerbreads and other products are made in the confectionery handmade department. Every mother knows, that cookies are delicious and tasty, if they are like homemade.


The secret of the uniqueness of KSENIJA products is the combination of your favorite taste and naturalness. This taste is created from traditional production technologies and the people involved in the production process. The traditional technological processes and the same, but apdeted production lines that were used 30 years ago, create a unique taste of KSENIJA - "the taste of childhood".

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