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Social responsibility

WE are a socially responsible company

We have been supporting a social event "Easter for the doctor" for 2 years. So our company wants to say "thank you" to the doctors for their hard work during the Covid 19 pandemic.


We are involved in projects related to the development of children and talented youth. We cooperate with the PO "Mothers of West Ukraine" and try to help develop their projects.


We support such charity organizations and volunteers as "the People's Self-Defense of Ivano-Frankivsk Region", "the Union of Volunteers of West Ukraine". We help the national police and the city authorities with their social projects. We have been participating in the "Buy Ivano-Frankivsk - give work to Ivano-Frankivsk residents" event.


We support the development of sports activities in the city. We help to organise the regional sports games on the "International Day of Disabled people". We also provide the material support to Ivano-Frankivsk "Organization of Political Prisoners of the Repressed". We support the development of sports in the city and the region and take part in the sport competitions like "Nordic walking 2018", "SwimRun 2019", "the Run of Friends of Bogorodchany 2020".

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