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Cake "Basket"

Cake "Basket"


Ingridients: high-grade wheat flour, strawberry filler, table margarine, apple puree, baking soda, starch molasses, citrus pectin, egg white, melange, carbon ammonium salt, confectionery glaze, table salt.
Store at a temperature of (18±5)ºС and a relative humidity not exceeding 75%,
DSTU 3781:2014
Nutritional value of 100 g of product:proteins - 9.6 g; fats - 29.5 g; carbohydrates -
55.6 g
Energy value of 100 g of product-526 kcal
Storage conditions:Store at a temperature of (18 ± 5)ºС and relative humidity not exceeding 75%. Manufacturer: Ivano-Frankivsk Food Factory KSENIJA, 1 Kraykivskoho street., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76019, Ukraine.

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